About Make-Up Atelier Paris Makeup Atelier Paris

About Make-Up Atelier Paris

Make-Up Atelier Paris is a a professional makeup brand. The products are exported globally from France and used by professional make-up artists and consumers all over the world.

Created by Helen Quille, constantly developing new colors, textures and innovative new  products that keep the brand on the cutting edge. The secret to the success is that Makeup Atelier Paris offers an extensive range of long lasting products. Thin textured foundations, highly pigmented eye shadows and blushes, long lasting make-up that is developed for professionals. The products are also suitable for personal use.

Make-up Atelier is a multi-ethnic brand and takes great pride in being able to provide a wide range of cruelty free products to men & women of all shades and colors. Sporting over 50 shades of foundations and 20 shades of concealers and loose powders it is one of few professional brands to cater equally to African-American, Asian, Caucasian and Hispanic skin tones.

Managing their own laboratory and manufacturing facility gives Atelier a great advantage when it comes to innovation and responding to the latest trends in the market. Most major cosmetics brands license their production to a few big manufacturers, mainly in Italy and the U.S, that do private labeling for the mass market. “That’s why you find the same products and colors in every line, they are not specific or unique,” says Quillé. “Our laboratory is constantly working to increase the variety, quality and performance of our products.” One of Atelier’s greatest milestones was the creation of the five-color palette for lips, eyes and concealers, in 1991. This is a concept that has been duplicated by cosmetics manufacturers all over the world.

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